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Dāvis Jansons


New Zealand From New Zealand
From summer 2015

I moved to New Zealand at age of 12 where I discovered the beautiful game of rugby and have played for the highest premiership competition.

During my time living In New Zealand I have visited Latvia twice. First time in 2009 playing and coaching the Jelgava Alni and second time in 2015 representing Latvia 7s and 15s, whilst also playing for the local club Livonia.

The opportunity to come play for Latvia in 2015 was provided by the Livonia club who took me on board, supported me and gave me the necessary resources to live in Latvia for 4 months and play rugby. I loved it!!! During that time period I played in the national rugby 15s and 7s comp. as well as traveling to Sweden to take part in a 10s tournament. We managed to Win the Latvian 7s, came second in Latvia 15s and made the semi finals at 10s in Sweden.

All results which I was proud of. Livonia are very focused on their vision to take rugby as far as possible in Latvia by outsourcing players and trainers from other countries as well as investing and growing local talent through young age groups. They understand the needs of the players and are happy to assist them. They also invest in good coaching, training programmes and games to grow the skills and the experience of their players. The players themselves were very welcoming towards me and I became very close friends with most of them. Especially the manager Girts who is literally mr Olympia !!! (no jokes) Its a very social club with a good team environment and plenty of humour.

I really enjoyed my time there and hope to return one day, I have no doubt that the growth of the sport in the country is very much assisted by the Livonia club. I currently live in Australia and am looking to play at a semi professional level here if time allows. Also hoping I can take part in representing Latvia and Livonia again in the near future.