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Henk Limpers


Netherlands Prop,
Until 2014

I found out about Livonia through facebook and the Internet. I contacted them and a ride to the club was soon arranged to start my first training! Everyone was very friendly and I enjoyed my first training very much, a great staff and a great team who anyone can learn from! My team mates were all very good players and already had a good season going when I joined Livonia in August 2014.

I played with Livonia till the end of the season, and left Latvia in december 2014. During this great time I have won together with Livonia the national cup championship and we became Latvian Champions!.

I will never forget the experience I had at Livonia and enjoyed all the games I played with them! I would recommend this club to anyone, I had a great time and the entire club is very friendly and helpful. I hope Livonia will have a great Season this year and I hope they will win and become national champion once again in 2015!

Hopefully I will manage to see some of the players during the Amsterdam Sevens in 2015! Thanks for the great time Livonia!!

Henk Limpers