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Mark James Allen


Wales Livonia Head Coach
Until September 2014

Before I moved to Latvia from Amman Jordan in 2010 I made some inquires to a friend of mine who was coaching in Estonia , he highly recommend Livonia rugby club to me and put me in contact with the clubs president Mr Vigo Valdavs ..
The first training session I attended in September 2010 at Upesciems stadium was a combined training session with the Latvian U20 team , I was made very welcome by all and felt that the club had true potential to grow in the coming years. Unfortunately for me at the time I was working away a lot and couldn’t commit 100% to the club , but every time I came back it was like I had never gone away and everyone made me feel at home.2012 – 2014 I had the great pleasure of taking over as Head coach for Livonia and my feeling earlier in 2010 were right the club had grown and shown its true potential to be coming Latvian 15s and 7s Champions , of which they have continued to keep in the 2015 season also I would highly recommend RFC Livonia to any one spending anytime in Latvia as you would be made very welcome and also be made to feel part of a family I have now moved on from Latvia and I am currently the Head Coach for the Norwegian national team , but I still follow the results for a truly great club and will continue to do so I would like to wish everyone involved with the club even more success over the coming years Thank you all for 4 wonderful years in Latvia

Mark James Allen

Men’s XV Head Coach

Norge Rugby